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Baby & Child-Friendly Hair & Beauty

Below you will find a combination of recommendations for hairdressers: some who can give your preschooler a haircut and some who can accommodate mums or parents who need to bring in their baby or toddler while they have their hair done.

Mobile beauty therapists, hairdressers and those who work from home in a relaxed environment, can be a great option for your hair and beauty needs if you have a baby or toddler in tow.

Where to go for a baby/preschooler haircut (Rangiora):

Freelance Hair. Bex works out of a studio in her own home. A relaxed environment for a baby or toddler who might not like the noise and crowds of a big hair salon. Also a great option for your own hair needs as you can set up your baby/toddler with some toys while you get your hair done. Bex also offers a mobile hair service which is perfect for mums who are at home with baby.

HKM Haircuts. Beside the council building at 209 High Street. Walk-in, no appointment necessary. Little play area for your baby or preschooler while you are waiting or having your hair cut. Staff are great with children's haircuts (including toddlers).

Rage Hair Boutique. Kylie works from home in a studio. A nice quiet place for a baby or preschooler to have their first haircut. You are also welcome to set up some toys for your toddler while you have your hair done.

Megan & Co Hair Salon on Cone Street. Walk-in, no appointment necessary. Recommended for preschooler haircuts.

Hair Gallery in the Gables Arcade. Walk-in, no appointment necessary. Recommended for preschooler haircuts - $15.


Hello Beautiful in Kaiapoi (home based). Phone Kelly on 0274490329.

Mari Strydom offers a mobile beauty service, perfect for the at-home mum who is caring for a new baby. Mari offers gel nails, henna brows and brow shapes and tints. Contact her on 0223268714 or see her Facebook page.

Meraki Nails & Beauty 


Simply Nails in Rangiora

Can you recommend a child-friendly business for this page? Contact me.

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