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Pram Friendly-Walks in North Canterbury



Northbrook Wetlands

Approx. 30 minutes

Suitable for all-terrain buggies

Entries on Cotter Lane and Northbrook Road

Lovely walk around the wetlands with views of native ducks, swans etc. Jogger style pram recommended. Dogs not welcome here in order to protect native wildlife.


Ashley River - Mike Kean Walkway

20 minutes return

Suitable for all-terrain buggies

This walking track follows alongside the Ashley River, commencing by the Ashley River Bridge Picnic Area, Inland Scenic Route 72.


Matawai Park and Path (30 King Street)

15 - 30minutes

Suitable for all-terrain buggies

Explore the many tracks in the park that wind through bushy dells and open info secluded alcoves or bigger grassy spaces. Great for family walks and picnics.


Oakwood Park and Neighbourhood Walk

20 to 40 minutes

Suitable for all prams

Opposite Oakwood Park on Oakwood Drive, there is a walkway through the peaceful neighbourhood that can take various directions. You can walk a loop around the neighbourhood back to where you started at the Park. Explore for yourself depending on how much time you have and how you feel. This is an ideal easy walk if you just want something short and sweet, then you can finish by taking the little one/s to the Oakwood Park playground.














Pegasus Lake

20 to 45 minutes

Suitable for all prams

Easy pathway loop around Pegasus Lake.

Stop and play at the big, modern playground. Great areas for both toddlers and older children.


Te Kohanga Wetlands and Walkways

4 kms: 45 minutes to 1 hour or so

Suitable for all-terrain buggies

A peaceful walk around an area of native wetland/lagoons.

Entry not far from the eastern end of Pegasus Lake walk, near the bridge on Te Kohanga Drive (which is close to the corner of The Esplanade if you’re looking on Google maps). Entries also further north on Te Kohanga Drive and Tiritirimoana Drive. Also some entry or exit points further south along Pegasus Main Street in between houses (see map image). Dogs ok on a lead.


Ohoka Stream Walkway

Around 40 minutes

Suitable for most prams (flat grass terrain)

Starting from and finishing at Ohoka Domain, corner of Whites and Mill Roads.

This is a grass walkway along a stream, in between beautiful gardens and tall trees. You will find historic information on the way and even some art. It is an interesting, peaceful and easy walk. Return via the road at the end of the walk to form a loop. Click here for an information sheet.

Ohoka Bush Walkway

Around 20 minutes

Suitable for most prams (flat easy gravel)

A short walk around native bush. An ideal short walk for a toddler who doesn't want to stay in the pram for long, or who wants to be totally independent and walk themselves! There is a large grass area with a picnic table. Bring a ball to kick around and have a picnic, then pop over to the playground or bmx track at the Ohoka Domain.

Whites Road Reserve

Around 20 minutes

Suitable for all-terrain buggies only

This short 1km walk can be found at the intersection of Whites Road and Tram Road. It is a lovely place for a picnic, feeding the ducks (birdseed etc not bread) and taking a leisurely stroll around the lake. A great idea for toddlers who don't like to be in the pram for too long - go for a short walk around the reserve then head to the Ohoka Domain for a play on the playground and/or a ride around the bmx track.


















Easy stroll along the Kaiapoi River

Suitable for all prams and easy access in multiple locations (see Google maps for ideas)

Example: Park on Bridge Street, walk over the bridge towards town and loop back along the other side of the river to return to your car (approx. 30 minutes).

SilverStream Reserve walk in Clarkville

45 minutes

Suitable for most prams (see photo below for terrain)

Lovely peaceful walk along a crystal clear stream. Dogs welcome on a leash.

Access: An off-road car park is located on South Eyre Road, 1.5 kilometres from the Tram Road turn-off. This provides for easy access into Silverstream East Reserve. East - 85 & 155 South Eyre Road, Eyrewell; West - 431 Heywards Road, Clarkville.






Kaiapoi Lakes & Wildlife Reserve (North Kaiapoi, past Kaiapoi Golf Course) 

30 minutes

Car park access from Old N Rd - close to the corner of Williams Street.

A lovely place for a leisurely stroll, bird-watching and maybe even a picnic.

Kaiapoi Island

Wrights Road Loop - see info here.


Kowai Track (to Leithfield beach return)

1-2 hours (2.5 kms)

Suitable for all-terrain buggies, but bring another adult with you in case you need help with the pram on a couple of tricky bits. Begin at the Old Leithfield Pub/Hotel (corner Mill and Old Main Road). Take a picnic in your backpack/buggy for the beach and enjoy some play time/exploring.


Cust River Loop Walk

Around 40 minutes

Suitable for all-terrain buggies

Start at the Two Chain Road bridge, over the Cust River.

Slightly south of the Waimak...

Styx Conservation Reserve

Click here for info!

The Groynes

Click here for info!

If you are keen to venture to Christchurch for some toddler friendly walks, check out this link for Five fabulous toddler-friendly walks.

Get in touch via the contact page if you know of a pram-friendly walk that is not listed on this page. Thanks!

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