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Healthy-ish, soft & chewy, Anzac Biscuits

This post is not to share a clever original recipe of mine but to share a great, easy recipe we tried from except with a few replacements to make it possibly a little healthier... (well at least in my mind). We used spelt flour, which is a good alternative biscuit flour, with higher fibre and protein than standard white flour. We also used coconut sugar, and honey instead of golden syrup. My husband reckons he knew it was missing something without the golden syrup, so I will add it next time and see if he's right... I thought the biscuits were delicious though and lacking nothing. These are so easy to make, I think I'll try another batch over this Anzac weekend.

These biscuits should be fine for babies with at least a few teeth because they are soft (just remember to avoid honey for under 1 year olds). Toddlers will love them of course, and this recipe is easy enough for your 2+ year old to help with. Hint: If you have a few kids, you might want to double the recipe. This recipe made 13 biscuits for us. Highly recommend!


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