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Waikuku Paddling Pool for toddlers and preschoolers

New features have been added to the locally-raved-about Waikuku Paddling Pool. Waikuku Beach also boasts a playground, and a flying fox for the older kids (or kids-at-heart). I have been wanting to take Roman to try out this paddling pool since he started walking, last summer! We haven't made it there yet but I will endeavour to visit the toddler-friendly pool by this weekend. I'll try take some photos so that you can see the new features that I have read about on the Waimakariri Council website - New Features for Waikuku Paddling Pool. If you're interested in seeing more photos and info on what there is to do around the Waikuku Beach area for toddlers and preschoolers, including the playground and flying fox, check out this Stuff article. I am clearly long overdue for my first visit to Waikuku Beach!

Do you have any photos to share of the updated paddling pool? Free free to post (just make sure you have the permission of anyone who is in the photo).

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